Technical cleaning


A flawless result guaranteed by a specialized team. 

The cleaning company PAGI offers a diverse range of technical cleaning services to meet the needs of large companies and the most structured environments.

Treatment and crystallization of marble surfaces

Specific treatments for wood flooring

Treatment for resin, stone and concrete floors

Specific treatment for aluminum

Dustproof treatment for smooth and glazed surfaces

Waxing and de-waxing treatment

Hydroblasting stone and marble

Slatted ceiling washing

Floor washing in production areas

Carpet washing and fabric sanitizing

Washing rigid curtains and textiles

Workshop floor washing with oil disposal

Hydropolishing facades and stone floors

Professionalism and specialization are the first tools.

When it comes to technical cleaning, one cannot improvise. It is an area that requires preparation, specific skills and continuous updating. Indeed, it is common in the world of integrated business services to be confronted with structural limitations or extraordinary maintenance that is necessary but difficult to perform.

PAGI is able to offer high-level cleaning and technical support services with the help of a specialized and specially trained team.

Over the years, our company has invested - and continues to invest - in the training and professional development of technical staff, as well as instrumentation. Because innovating and keeping up with the introduction of new means and new instruments is essential to be able to always offer our clients the optimal and timely solution even in the most complex situations.