Industrial and civil cleaning


A qualified cleaning service for every reality

From small to large offices to massive environments such as shopping malls or exhibition centers, PAGI can organize a planned and efficient maintenance and cleaning plan with all the expertise of qualified professionals.

Cleaning small and large offices

Cleaning of manufacturing, industrial and logistics areas

Cleaning of apartment buildings for civil use and business centers

Exhibition complex cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning of shopping malls

Management and cleaning of bank branches

Point-of-sale and store cleaning

Cleaning classrooms and school environments

Environment management for parking lots and garages

Facade washing

The best cleaning solutions with full respect for eco-sustainability.

Every environment is different and needs tailored attention and a dedicated approach.

Whether in small or large settings, we always respect the places entrusted to us, paying the utmost attention to the surfaces, the materials we go to and the products we use.

That is why our company can count on more than 800 trained employees, capable of operating professional equipment and state-of-the-art appliances (such as sweepers, single-brushers, pressure washers, polishers).

All this is done by following and ensuring a schedule that will provide your environments with a continuous state of hygiene.

"Smile, Pagi is here."

Owning real estate for industrial use is a responsibility.

We at PAGI are well aware of this, and we are aware of the varied issues that business entities of this type can face.

"Smile, there is Pagi" is not only our motto but also our recommendation.

In fact, our company is able to offer some of the most advanced operational and organizational methods among those existing on the market today. Effective solutions to meet any need in the way of managing the cleaning and sanitization of offices and work spaces, as well as first-rate technical intervention in industrial infrastructures.