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The cleaning company PAGI offers a multitude of cleaning services and more to meet the needs of individuals, small and large businesses, and the most structured environments.

Ensuring highly qualified services has been the test case of the PAGI enterprise for years. At the heart of every request is one mission: to satisfy the customer's needs

Industrial and civil cleaning

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Technical cleaning

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Integrated Services

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our values and mission

The customer comes first

Excellence and safety

To ensure high standards and maximize customer satisfaction, one of our main goals is to achieve excellence by focusing on training and specialization of various professionals.

Customized solutions

PAGI goes far beyond the main cleaning and sanitizing services, positioning itself as a partner capable of providing 360-degree support to the realities in which it operates and identifying specific solutions for each need.


A flexible organizational structure allows us direct and constant control over all processes, ordinary and extraordinary, optimizing time and resources and thus ensuring the best response in the shortest possible time.


In 30 years of operation, our know-how has expanded, enabling us to expand our core business and meet the needs of an increasingly competitive and changing market.


PAGI Srl is
ISO certified

In an industry where competition and competition are extremely high, and often distorted by unfair pricing policies that debase the professionalism of professionals, it is necessary today more than ever to protect professionalism through objective and truthful tools, such as company certifications. An added value in terms of transparency and protection for both the company and its clients.