Civil, industrial and technical cleaning. Pagi is the company you are looking for as a partner in hygiene, order and cleanliness for your every environment.
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Porterage and transportation service. A specialized service with supply of moving materials to serve your home or office.
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Garrison, switchboard service, reception and more. A set of services guaranteed by competent and specialized staff.
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Integrated Services

Range of especialized integrated services from building maintenance to green area management.
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Pagi stands as a partner capable of getting into the folds of each reality in which it operates to identify specific solutions to customer problems, from cleaning and sanitizing services to reception services, from porterage to integrated services and much more.


A leading cleaning and facility management company.

Founded about 30 years ago as a Family-owned business, Pagi immediately establishedits leadership in the market of civil i and technical cleaning and then expandedits core business over timeto reception, porterage, concierge and facility management services .

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For a service company, made by people and for people, it is essential to have continuous and real comparisons in order to keep improving all the time. That is why the opinion of those who have already chosen us is so important to us. And for those who will choose us in the future.